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60 Yard & 30 Yard Dash

Testing Protocol:

  1. Start in a base-stealing stance that is most familiar to you and that you think will yield the best time. Shoulders should be perpendicular to the starting line.
  2. Counter movements are not permitted.  Step on the starting line with your toe in the motion sensor beam.  You may lean across the starting line.  Hold starting stance for 2 seconds prior to start.
  3. As you accelerate, keep your head down, maintain a fast stride frequency, and drive your arms and legs.
  4. Make sure you run through both the 30 yd and 60 yd dash timing-gate. The clock stops when your chest crosses the finish line.


This test measures the acceleration of the athlete, and is a reliable indicator of speed, agility and quickness.


Measuring Tape

Chalk or duct-tape

Brower timing system w/TC Motion Start.      


Preferably on a grass turf, or grass surface that is clean and/or unobstructed.

How to Measure:

*Measure 30 yards (90 feet) and 60 yards (180 feet) in the outfield. 

*If you are using a stopwatch, the timing starts with the first movement after the set position.  Stop the clock when the athlete’s chest crosses the finish line. 

*The athlete runs the race twice, and his best time is recorded to the nearest two decimals (for example, a time of 4.453 should be recorded as 4.45).

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Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.