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About BAR

What You Can Measure, You Can Improve!

Baseball Northwest and Trice Athletics have developed an overall baseball athleticism test called The BAR (Baseball Athletic Rating).  The BAR is specifically designed to objectively measure and rate the overall athleticism of baseball players.

The Tests:

The BAR evaluates a baseball player’s explosive speed, agility/quickness, and rotational power.  Here is a list of the 5 tests:

1.              60 Yard Dash

2.              30 Yard Dash

3.              Broad Jump

4.              L-Drill

5.              Medicine Ball Throw


We rate and report the results of each individual tests, as well as their overall results, to give greater insight into a baseball player’s strengths and weaknesses.

We compare the players’ test results to a database of similar high school athletes in order to calculate their BAR.  Their BAR is derived from how they performed versus their peers.  There is no hidden formula! We are only reporting statistical facts.

Our database of athletic stats is continually growing and evolving.  Thus, as we continue to test more and more high school athletes, the ratings will continue to adjust and normalize for better reliability.

Next Step:

Now that you have your BAR, you have a snap shot of your overall athleticism level.  Next step, set athletic goals and find a performance trainer to achieve those goals.

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