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Broad Jump.jpg

Broad Jump

Testing Protocol:

1. Each player receives two attempts at the Standing Broad Jump.

2. Players must start with both feet/toes totally behind start line for valid jump.

3. Players may swing arms and bend knees prior to jumping.

4. Upon landing, player must maintain control, landing balanced with both feet planted.

5. Upon landing player may also fall forward, but not backwards.

6. Jumps are measured from heal of the foot nearest to the initial jump line.

7. Jumps are measured to the nearest whole inch.

8. Results are recorded in total inches jumped.


This test measures the explosiveness of the athlete, and is a reliable indicator of speed.


Measuring tape

BAR Cones


Preferably in a gym or with a solid ground surface. 

How to Measure:

*Two jump max.


Individual jumps are disqualified (not counted) if athlete: (1) falls backward after landing the jump; (2) steps past the line before the jump; or (3) steps into the jump. After first disqualification and allow athlete to redo jump.