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Medicine Ball Throw

Testing Protocol:

  1. Stand perpendicular to the start line. Think of yourself standing at the plate in a hitting stance or on the mound in your pitching stance.  You may step on or touch the starting line, but no body part may be ahead of the line.
  2. Cradle the Power Ball in two hands with your backhand (palm facing the start line) on the back of the ball and your front hand under the ball.
  3. Draw the Power Ball back, keeping the Power Ball between your waist and chest.  Your backhand should not come above chest height.  Unlike a real batting form, keep your arms fully extended with only a slight bend in your elbows.
  4. In one fluid motion, with your arms fully extended and supporting the ball, laterally rotate your body as you sling the Power Ball out and forward (optimally at a 45 degree angle).  As you rotate, your body will simulate a bat swing, beginning with the drop of your front heel and continuing through as you rotate your core from the waist up.
  5. Finish with your arms extended and high, with the release point tracking as if you were hitting a ball up the middle.
  6. If the Power Ball does not track straight out, adjust your release and follow through just as you would if you had pushed or pulled a hit while batting.
  7. Following through over the line is acceptable, but your feet should not step in front of the start line, until the Power Ball is released.


In this test, the athlete throws a Power Ball across the chest for maximum distance.  The rotational throw is an excellent measure of core strength and total body power and simulates the rotational core movement common to baseball.


6 lbs Power Ball

Measuring tape


Preferably on a track, turf, or grass surface that is clean and/or unobstructed.

How to Measure:

It is best to perform this test on a soft surface such as grass or turf.  Record the point where the Power Ball hits the ground closest to the start line.  The distance should be measure in feet and rounded to the nearest foot (for example, a throw of 35 feet, 7 inches should be recorded as 36 feet). The athlete makes three throws, with the best attempt recorded.